You are welcome to discover the delicacies of Turkish and World cuisines with exclusive, unique and fresh menus for our guests wishing to enjoy eating.

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According to the conducted research, Turkish cuisine is among the richest cuisines of the world thanks to the influence of various civilizations that lived in our lands in the past. This range has gradually expanded with the rich product variety of Asian and Anatolian lands. Some sources even state that it is among the richest cuisines in the world.

Delicacies of Turkish Cuisine include a variety of dishes such as soups, olive oil recipes, pastries, various vegetable dishes, juicy meat dishes, various meat dishes, dishes with grain and bulgur.

When we talk about the world cuisine, the first thing coming to our minds is the most popular cuisines in the world and their most popular dishes.

Such cuisines could differ from each other in terms of many elements such as traditions, cultural aspects, ingredients, and cooking methods. We can define the world cuisine concept as the continuous consumption of such delicacies with a common sense of taste. As İlci Residence Hotel, we create a distinction by offering delicacies from the world cuisine to our esteemed guests.

You will adore the unique delicacies of the Turkish and World Cuisines that you will taste at İlci Residence Restaurant!